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I bought a body shaper from them and I can not get in touch with anyone and they charge you 16.90 to ship. Ridiculous!!!!!Their address is 5 Goddard, US 92618 Tele: 1-888-596-2781.It is called UbuyEZ Kymaro.When you oTheir online is www.ubuyez.com.I can not get in touch with apersom , be sure you know the companythat sells this.

It is a hoax!!! Do not buy this they advertise on TV.

I will go to Clark Howard on CNN news and see if he can help me get in touch with them! Pissed

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:cry i am sorry you got rip off i no the feeling those people nothing but a scamp and trying to make a dollar off of hard working people and i am glad i did not order from them because they are low life and a bomb *** people.again thank for the warning.

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