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I ordered the body shaper for $39.95.When I received it the bill was $79.70 because they included other things and charged an extra $30 for shipping.

I returned it all (cost $11.12) but they will only refund 29.95 because the product is now reduced and the other pieces were supposedly "free gifts" So I really got took, but I learned not to order on line until you check out the company.Expensive lesson, but I 've learned-and Don't ever do business with this company.And I hope you will learn from my experience.


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I always check for comments an only product I see on tv..most if in all are not good. And if you see something you have to have I go to Bed Batha and beyond and look at the product in the store. Al least this way , if you don't like to you can take it back and no postage and handling charges.


I don't understand why people would think that no one would look on-line and see if this company was on the up and up. For one it just sounded too good to be true that a company would be giving a way all these pieces of graments for free without any extra money.


Denjer - - you are right on ..

No need for me to return because I will not even get half back that I paid to Kymaro -- especially when I include postage to return the cheaply made products! Total rip-off . . I should have remembered .

. . "there are NO bargains!" Buyers beware!! Note to ALL THIS *** .


.you are smart not to deal w/this rip-off company!


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience because must people wouldn't.I was interested in purchasing the item for my sister for Christmas.

Something that was suppose to be $29.99 totaled almost $80 due to shipping cost of FREE gifts. Instead of proceeding I decided to check out the reviews. Needless to say I will not be purchasing.

Again thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences.I can save my money!

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